Welcome to Barney & Wilf!_

We're Catherine and Jennifer, two busy mums with two kids each who love our children’s artwork, from the gluey glittery masterpieces to the tatty unrecognisable scribbles that are proudly handed to us on a daily basis.

We also love grown-up art too and thought how wonderful it would be to combine the two together, to create a piece of gallery quality art using our little ones creations. There had to be a solution to all the endless piles of paper scattered about the house and so our company, Barney & Wilf was born.

We take your children’s little art and make it into beautiful big contemporary prints to display in your home. Every creation is unique and each little piece of children’s art is carefully edited to bring out the colours and detail in their work, whilst still keeping it as untouched as possible. The end result is a bespoke work of art, which will last a lifetime and can be passed on to your children when they’re grown ups too.

We hope you love what we have to offer, and if there is anything specific you would like just get in touch!